Private label contract manufacturing, from concept to completed components, including outside processes and light mechanical assembly. We carry an 07 FFL, and provide private label lower receivers with ATF marking variances.


6AL-4V Titanium flow control manifold for aerospace application.


Stainless steel stabilized optic trunnions with a finished weight of 1.5lbs, after starting from 13lb raw stock.


Tight tolerance 5 axis machined component for the semiconductor industry.


Aerospace fluid control component hog-out.


Tombstone fixture on horizontal machining center ready to be unloaded. This fixture holds 40 individual parts from three distinct part numbers. The machine allows all part numbers to be run at the same time to minimize operator intervention. 4th axis also allows accurate machining of features on the sides of the parts.


Communications industry component on the CMM for final inspection before anodizing and assembly. Very critical depth, and flatness tolerances. Every cavity on every part is inspected automatically on the CMM.


Angled, tapered, exhaust end caps with compound angles and radii. Fully 3D machined with a ball nose endmill, and ready for chrome plating. This project was not considered feasible by the customer until they contacted LMI. We were able to apply the latest high speed CNC equipment and machining techniques to provide an economical, fully 3D contoured part from solid material, versus dealing with the lead time, start up costs, and finish problems associated with die casting.


High volume aluminum electronics enclosure with features on all 6 sides. Ready for final inspection before anodizing and laser engraving.


Transmission housings machined from A356-T6 aluminum castings on the CMM ready for final inspection.



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