Quality is not just something that’s checked after a part is machined. It’s built into the process, spanning every stage of manufacturing, from initial fixture design, to final packaging.

Filling up a shop with first class machining equipment is meaningless if you have no means to inspect the finished parts. That’s why we’ve invested in a brand new, Brown & Sharpe automated coordinate measuring machine with full offline programming and a fully indexing 5 axis probe head. This CMM is crucial for the manufacture of precision parts with True Position features machined in multiple sides and/or odd angles. Inspecting such parts by any other method is far too error prone and time consuming in today’s competitive market.


We practice a policy of continuous improvement. It started with the addition of on-machine probing for in process inspection, followed by the addition of our automated CMM for final inspection. Any time we see a bottleneck or weak link, we address it. Because of our continuing advancement into more complex contract manufacturing, we’re now implementing JobBOSS shop control software to improve the quality of our paper work, revision tracking, and logistics with outside services.


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